The Blue Kaiju Studios founders have been assembled from the farthest reaches of the video game universe (Epic, EA, Kabam, and more) and comic book universe (Marvel and DC) to bring a one-of-a-kind non fungible experience. We have been on the launch team of Epic when Fortnite was released, and we have also created the #1 comic book of 2021. Our team has presided over hundreds of millions of dollars in games as a service revenue and have delighted millions of gamers and comic book readers along the way.



Read, play, earn - a full NFT experience

We designed Armory NFTs to capture the thrill experienced by collectors everywhere when they acquire pieces of a collectible universe – the awe of belonging to something larger, the shared experience and interest, the desire to curate and care for their pieces meticulously. Many NFT collections claim something similar. They attempt to provide structure and collectability, but most fall flat because that structure is contrived through a simple serial number or an arbitrary set of attributes. Armory NFTs are ideally suited to delivering the thrill of collecting. Each NFT is a panel from a page of a comic book. Complete a set of panels to mint a page NFT. Mint all the pages to complete the full comic book NFT. Armory NFTs deliver a true comic book collection experience, plussed up because you get to collect and assemble variations of each panel from the comic book.

But wait, there’s more! More you say? Surely you jest.

Pffft, they don’t pay me enough to jest. And don’t call me Shirley.

Blue Kaiju – the makers of the Armory universe – is also a team of veteran game developers. We’ve also designed Armory NFTs to be the heart and soul of our studio’s inaugural midcore RPG. How is that any different from all those other NFT-based games that are already out there?

Glad you asked. (BTW, check our Discord for recorded and upcoming live AMAs!)

Armory comics provide the cast and storyline that you’ll experience while playing the game. As you explore Armory’s universe and complete quests that follow the comic’s storyline, you’ll get to know the same superheroes and super villains Armory encounters. Recruit super allies and groan at the bad puns the super villains throw at you. Superheroes and super villains are all collectible NFTs, and when you complete quests you’ll earn comic panels that you can mint as NFTs. Assemble your crew, then collect and assemble the pages of an Armory comic book.

NFT Example Legendary Signed Gage
NFTs are bleeding edge tech, the nexus of blockchain and collectibles, permanence, inviolable ownership – yeah, pretty cool stuff. So why do most NFTs just end up collecting digital dust in your digital wallet? Seems kinda anti-exciting, right? Like you meant to pop the red pill but grabbed the blue one by mistake.

Major bummer since that blue pill tastes pretty bland and boring. So we set out to spice things up a bit. Ghost-pepper infused NFTs (well, not literally, but note to self – look into this). Armory NFTs come in three flavors: comic panels, comic pages and full comic books. And they share one very cool superpower – (slick name for the mechanic).


Launch of Discord Server with Whitelist (June, 2022)
Initial NFT drop first 100 Whitelist members – Armory Issue #1- Cover Art (August 2022)
Sale Armory Issue #1 – Cover Art- 2500 (September, 2022)
NFT drop first 100 Whitelist members – Armory Issue #1- Pages 1-20 (Sep-Dec, 2022)
Sale (2,500) Armory Issue #1 – Cover Art Pages 1-20 (Sep-Dec, 2022)
Armory Issue #2 (Q1, 2023)
Armory RPG Open World Game (Q3, 2023)